Tuesday, October 20, 2009

day after the egg day

Ok so I totally expected to see a LOSS today due to the egg day being yesterday and the fact that I apparently gained a lb from it. hmph.

Today I was exactly the same - 149. At least I'm consistent.

So yesterday I had an omelete w/ cheese for bfast, a salad w/ chicken breast, parm cheese & my ranch dressing for lunch. oh and a string cheese. Dinner was more chicken breast, some whipped califlower/spinach with celery to dip into it, and a mixed green salad w/ my ranch dressing. And I stayed the same.

Today was an omelete w/ cheese for bfast, salad w/ my ranch and chicken breast ... dinner a burger, whipped califlower with celery - yes I eat alot of the same stuff. It's only me eating it and I wanna get rid of stuff. :P I'm going to have a salad when I get back from a seminar I have to go to tonight, and I have had 60 oz of water today. I will drink more and see where we are in the morning.

I feel like a slave to the scale lately.

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