Wednesday, October 21, 2009

P3 - week 2

Hanging in there!

This morning I was at 149 again - so I'm like 2.5 above my LIW ... but staying here. Maybe this is where I'm supposed to be. I don't think I ate enough yesterday but I am drinking alot of water, watching the sugar/starch intake and feeling great.

I am not suffering through another steak day while I'm in school, as I get hungry during the day and lunch actually mentally gives me a break. :) Not eating would not be good for me. Maybe on the weekend when I'm busy and can keep myself occupied and not thinking about lunch. Last steak day I did, I was hungry before dinner time.

So far so good ... this P3 has been easier than the last, which I completely screwed up and felt terrible about. Round 1 of P3 was cake and I stabilized, as well as round 3 has been good. Round 2 I went to Myrtle Beach thinking I could stay away from starch/sugar. Yeah right. :P til tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

day after the egg day

Ok so I totally expected to see a LOSS today due to the egg day being yesterday and the fact that I apparently gained a lb from it. hmph.

Today I was exactly the same - 149. At least I'm consistent.

So yesterday I had an omelete w/ cheese for bfast, a salad w/ chicken breast, parm cheese & my ranch dressing for lunch. oh and a string cheese. Dinner was more chicken breast, some whipped califlower/spinach with celery to dip into it, and a mixed green salad w/ my ranch dressing. And I stayed the same.

Today was an omelete w/ cheese for bfast, salad w/ my ranch and chicken breast ... dinner a burger, whipped califlower with celery - yes I eat alot of the same stuff. It's only me eating it and I wanna get rid of stuff. :P I'm going to have a salad when I get back from a seminar I have to go to tonight, and I have had 60 oz of water today. I will drink more and see where we are in the morning.

I feel like a slave to the scale lately.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Egg day results!

So yesterday I did the 'egg day'. Ate eggs allll day with some cheese in an omelet form - (bfast,lunch,dinner). I woke up this morning to see that I apparently GAINED a lb. Maybe its the coffee with heavy cream I drank all day and the fact that I only drank 40 oz of water all day, but I am NOT happy with this. Or maybe it's that I didn't eat dinner til 8 pm. Whatever it is, I'm not happy one bit. grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Eating normal today - back to school - and a good salad w/ a no sugar ranch dressing and parm chicken on top of spinach/mixed greens will make me feel better. Not sure I'll be eating eggs for breakfast though. (lol) I'm kinda 'egged out'.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

alternative day ..

So I woke up w/ the intention of doing high protien today ... had an omelete and cheese for breakfast. Decided at lunch time that I was going to have another omelete w/ cheese...after finding this ebook I had purchased last time I did the hCG...there is such a thing as an egg day. You eat between 8-12 eggs in a day. Cheese is allowed, mayo and relish in small amounts - in case you wanted to eat deviled eggs.

Sure. I can do this to see what happens. No veggies and no fruits and no meat. Different for sure - and I had forgotten about these alternative days to correct a gain. I had done a steak day yesterday and am 2 lbs heavier than my LIW - where I'm allowed to be. But I'd like to be closer to the LIW so I don't worry about going over again.

I'll let you know how the 'egg day' works out!


P3 and wow

Ok, so P3 is way different than P2, and I should know this as I've done this before. I'm not new. ;)

I LOVE apples and ate them every day on P2. EVERY day. LOVE them!
So I'm telling my friend that I have eaten apples on P3 and she's surprised. I wonder why. I look up the food list, and apples are on the lower carb side but still have sugar. EVERYTHING has sugar in it. Bacon, ham, apples, peanuts ... holy mackeral. To stabelize, I am trying to be SO careful.

Last thursday night I stayed w/ my bf at his camp in the middle of nowhere. We had pork chops w/ an apple chutney (see, I love apples and it was AHHHHMAZING!), whipped cauliflower and salad w/ ranch dressing (that *I* made so I know there is no sugar) - he had a captain & diet coke and I skipped the captain but had a diet coke ... we woke up and had bacon, eggs w/ cheese and the last honeycrisp (my FAVORITE)apple that we had with us. I didn't get to weigh in as I didn't get home til after noon on Friday. Saturday I weighed in at like 150.6 ... my LIW was 146.8 so I'm allowed to be at 148.8 ... which means I was 1.8 lbs over my LIW. argh.

Saturday turned out to be a steak day. I had 2 eggs w/ a laughing cow cheese wedge, and then nothing but water & coffee all day til dinner. I had bought 2 steaks (NY Strip?) and made them for dinner and had a HUGE honey crisp apple with it (I was allowed!!) :) I only ate one steak and immediately was STUFFED.

I woke up this morning to see 148.8 which means I am just at my LIW allowance. I am wondering if I should do another correction day today just to be safe...but I'm still having eggs this morning before I decide.

Hang in there ladies, we are doing great! :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

p3 ...

Ok last night I had P3 for dinner - a burger (that i didn't weigh!), a salad with cheese and tomatoes and ranch dressing (that I made to ensure no sugar)...and my stomach was not happy. LOL but it was yummy! I even had some almonds last night because I had been waiting and waiting to have them.

this morning I woke up to a .2 gain and I was ok with that, considering I drank hardly ANY water. Bad girl. :)

I had 3 eggs w/ cheese this morning and coffee with heavy whipping cream & stevia. (yummmmy). Lunch was a burger and a salad with cut up apple and cheese in it (with my ranch) and some almonds. Dinner was a burger again (see how I'm trying to use it all up?), a salad and some califlower with cheese on it. YUM!

I'm stuffed. And I've eaten enough but not enough to stuff me. Doesn't take much to fill me up apparently. Tomorrow I'm having ham and brocolli ... I'm ready for some different stuff!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

P3 ... soon!

I read last night that it is indeed 72 hours (not 3 days) from the last 'injection' that you start P3. That will be tonight around 8 pm. I might wait and have dinner late and have some eggs!

I jumped on the scale this morning, afraid of what I'd see - as I've been a bad girl. I was hungry yesterday and ate like 4 apples (and thoroughly enjoyed it!!!) - so I was afraid of the scale this morning. I was at 146.2 where yesterday I was 146.6. Not looking for a loss, but no gains is what I'm looking for.

Excited to stick with the same foods that I have been eating and adding new ones (brocolli, cauliflower), including that yummy ranch dressing I found online w/ no sugar. :)

Off we go - new phase. total hCG loss is 37.3 lbs. This round: 19.4 lbs. From a size 14 or 16 to an 8, with a couple pair of size 6 jeans thrown in. I'll take it. Not quite the 40 lbs I had hoped to be at - but can't always get what you want. :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

well alrighty then.

So this morning I woke up and weighed 146.6 and decided to stop the juice. Almost 7 weeks of P2 ... and I'm tired of hearing my body tell me that it's ready for a break. I gave in. :)

So that's that. Done with 1 day of no juice but VLCD...2 more to go and eggs on Sunday morning. Does it get better than that? I think not!

So here we go, into P3 land. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

yuck but ok

So this morning I run down and get on the scale. First thing is says is 145.8 and I'm estatic. So I have to get on it again just to be sure...2nd time is says 146.4. GRRRR! So whatever. :P

I took the 146.4 because it's realistic and either way - I'm doing great.
I started at 165.6 and thats a 19.2 lb loss.

I have realized that weekends are terrible for me, as I don't drink alot of water. School is great because I put a case of water in my trunk (20 oz bottles) and I drink 3 or 4 all day while I'm there. 60 or 80 oz of water that I do not drink on sat or sun.

I was at school this morning when I felt dizzy. The other day I felt hungry. Maybe it's just in my head, or maybe it's just time to do P3. I should be THRILLED with a 37.1 lb loss (total) but I really wanted to go to the 40 lbs mark, which is why I was trying to hang on as long as I could. Still going to do continue the P2 thurs and fri and see how I'm doing at the end of this week. Possibly stopping the juice and getting onto P3. be continued.

ps. I wanted to post some new pictures but my camera is gone to Best Buy heaven to be fixed. Should be back soon!

Monday, October 5, 2009

not sure wth is going on.

Ok so this morning I get on the scale as soon as I get up and pee. It said I've lost .2 lbs. I get a shower and back on the scale and now it says I'm down 2 lbs. grrrrrrrrr.

I have NO idea where I am on the damn scale and it's frustrating me.

So on top of all of this - my mom had a bottle of 'juice' at her house, so I'm saved for a few more days. However, this morning at school I'm sitting in class and my stomach starts growling ... I haven't been hungry in a very long time - and it's 8:30 am. NOT GOOD.

So maybe I won't be going until I can't do it anymore, if my body is telling me that it is just done. I guess I could do a new round in January, even if I wanted this to be my last. I'm lighter than I've been since I can remember, loving my body and the way I'm feeling - and it's amazing.

I'm going to get on the scale again in the morning and maybe I'll get a clear reading. It's just frustrating to me - maybe the scale needs a new battery. If it's goofy tomorrow, I'll change it.

Here's to losing and losing and feeling amazing! I'm just not ready for P3! : /

Sunday, October 4, 2009

what? wait!! noooooo!

Ok so a friend of mine needed a couple more doses to complete her 6 week gig. I mixed up a bottle and she used it for like 3 doses. I went to her house last night and got that bottle, and the two empty bottles that she had at her house.

I bring them all home, and I put the one w/ juice in it - in the fridge. So I have my bottle which is almost empty and hers which is mostly full. I decide I'm going to 'marry' them so that there is one bottle with juice in it.

I set them on the counter. I am also doing dishes. (Can you see where this is going?)I decide to wash the 2 empty bottles and somehow the 3rd gets put into the sink too. I notice that one of the bottles in the water has the lid on it. So I unscrew the dropper and put some dishwater in the bottle ... mix it up and start to pour it out and realize that its RED....oh noooooo! That is my juice!!! So I stick some in my mouth to see how dilluted it is ... and it doesn't taste like it's totally dilluted. I'm swearing at myself and put it back in the fridge.

The problem is: I have 2 vials left. But they are not available to me. Therefore, if I take this juice and I'm hungry - obviously it's dilluted and not going to work. I will have to stop hCG and go into P3 ... which I was hoping not to have to do just yet. So we shall see. I hope it's not THAT dilluted and that the soap won't give me chronic diarreah ... LOL wish me luck!

Oh and the scale this morning said I was down .2. I did an apple day yesterday so I don't believe this. I wait about a half hour and get naked and on the scale again. Now it says I'm down 2.2 lbs. WTH. I have no idea where I am as far as my weight, and will try again in the morning.

grrrr what a day!

Friday, October 2, 2009

where I am.

and this is where I am lately. :)

36.9 lbs gone. From size 18 to a 6 or 8. Happy. Healthy. did I say happy? :)

where i've been

So here are some pictures of who I used to be in this skin that I wear now.

The 1st and 3rd were from my bday (9/27) in 2008. A year ago.

ending week 6 on P2 of R3

so this morning is the last day I'm supposed to be on the 'juice' and I weighed in at 146.6. Would have been more if I had not cheated on my birthday (last sunday) and wasted a week to get back on track. ah, it's ok.

I started this round at 165.6 and therefore have lost 19 lbs as of today.

Total loss on hCG is 36.9 lbs.
ahhhhhmazing. life changing. emotional.

I asked my ex when he last saw me this size and he thinks when we started dating. That was in 1999. Ten years of being overweight. Having 2 boys and staying overweight until hCG fell into my lap ... and I was ready. That's a huge key. hCG isn't a hard diet to follow if you have willpower and are just plain ready to do it. I was about a size 18 at one time, and the other day I walked in and pulled on a pair of size 6 jeans at Old Navy. All girls know that Old Navy is generous with their sizing, and that I really wear a size 8 normal jeans .. but that's ok. Size 6 on the tag behind me. :)

Yesterday at school I was talking about the diet with someone who was asking me questions. Until now, I have been very secretive about why I eat an apple, a hamburger and a cucumber or tomato every day at lunch. Amy was asking and I like her alot and know that my experience has been life changing ... so I want to share with her. I am telling her about my experience and I'm getting tears in my eyes ... I'm very emotional about this. I tell her that buying a size 12 swimsuit off of for vacation - and pulling it right on when it came and feeling AMAZING in it - was life changing. I hadn't done that in YEARS & YEARS. Walking in and trying on clothes to start school, picking up a Large shirt and a size 10 pants to find out that they were indeed TOO BIG is life changing. I'm a size 8 and medium now. Talk about an ego boost. However, hCG is amazing but I give myself alot of credit. It's not necessarily easy. I did this.

I have decided to do another 2 weeks at least to see where I end up. I would like this round to be my last round and it can be if I do it right. I don't need to be 120 lbs to be happy - I feel better than I have in years - I look better (healthier) than I have in years ... and the other day someone told me it was hard to believe that I had a 9 year old. I'll take it!