Friday, September 25, 2009

P2 - ending of week 5 on round 3.

So this morning I hopped on the scale and saw 147.8 and almost screamed. I'm lighter than I've ever remembered being. I have one more week of this 'normal' round and I think that I'm seriously going to try and extend it as long as I can. We shall see, I have noticed that I am getting hungry earlier in the day - maybe my body is telling me enough is enough.

I still don't 'see' myself as lighter, even if everyone else sees it and comments on how good I am looking. I FEEL amazing, energy is great, my jeans feel great - but to look in the mirror I don't see the weight loss as much as it is. I am at a 35 lb loss as of right now. Pretty impressive - I love hcg!

I have been dragging all of my books into class every day with a bag on wheels, thank god. I put 5 bottles of water in that bag (on top of my 17 books) and force myself to drink them while I am in school. This is a huge help! I get down 40 oz of water while I'm there, and that leaves 3 more bottles to be chugged at home. Most of the time this isn't a problem - but sometimes I had to force myself. I do believe that water is the key to a great loss.

Monday, September 21, 2009

P3 - R2 - 4 weeks down - 2 to go

I got on the scale today - my 2nd day in my 5th week of HCG and jumped on the scale ... and saw 149.2. my lowest ever weight on HCG. I'm down 34.3 total lbs from hCG. I'm beyond thrilled. My LIW last round was 150 so this is unchartered territory. (hoooray!)

Yesterday I decided to go shopping, basically because on Saturday I put away all my summer clothes and realized that I literally had no clothes for the fall. Last fall I weighed 183, and went on this diet in January. I gave away all my 'fat' clothes and here I am with a bunch of summer stuff that I can't wear now.

I went shopping with a great friend who likes to shop (I don't) and she was very helpful. We were in the fitting room at Target and I'm trying on size 10 jeans that are a little big ... she grabs and 8 and it fit. I ALMOST CRIED. Not stretchy 8s that fit because there is spandex. True size 8s. :)

So I got a bunch of cute clothes, and new shoes and was excited to get up today and wear clothes that really fit me, and I felt AMAZING.

I'm thinking of going for as long as I can with the hCG ... til I can't do it anymore or I hit immunity. I'd love this to be my last round. I am a protocol girl, never wavering ... so this is a big deal that I'm 'thinking' about doing something that isn't written down! ;)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

R3 P2 day 27

I started this round all gung ho and excited to keep the blog up. I failed at that, mostly becuase I started going to school f/t 2 weeks ago and it's craziness as far as lack of time that I have for things like blogging.

This round has been very easy for me as far as no hunger, no problems. Especially with going to school, having the limited diet really helps me as far as having to prepare for lunch/dinner. Of course people at school look at me crazy when I eat the same thing every day, but you know - I'm not explaining a thing. :)

I eat alot of ground meat, like every day. I haven't eaten chicken or fish once this time around - hamburger and baked shrimp every day. I do great with just keeping with a couple things, and find that I don't get bored. I haven't eaten a grapefruit and strawberries only once. Apples every meal with an orange thrown in once in awhile. Cucumbers and tomatoes daily with asparagus thrown in once in awhile. Thankfully I am not one of those who needs to eat different things to feel fulfilled. I do look forward to things like a big loaded salad with every veggie I can throw into it - but for right now - I'm great with what I'm eating. I am seeing weight loss (almost) daily and know the end result is worth it. It will be more work when I am on P3 and have to PLAN my food. :)

I bought this little hamburger press thing that I found at Bed Bath & Beyond - I put in 3.5 oz of burger and press into a perfect hamburger patty - put it in a freezer bag and lay it flat in the freezer. Prior to school in the morning, I put it in a skillet (frozen) on medium heat - and before long I have a burger to throw in my lunch bag. This little gadget makes my life easier.

I started 8/24 at 165.6. This morning I was at 150.6. I have decided to try and see how long I can go on this round and see how much I can lose. So not stopping in 2 weeks (at 6 wks) and just going for another 2 and maybe another 2. I never follow anyone except the protocol but people on my hCG groups (yahoo) have done this with great success. I am hoping this is my last round, and if I could knock it out this time, that would be great. I'm not sure where I want to end up - every day is just a bonus - as I'm .6 away from where I wanted to be.

I have some new friends trying hCG and I'm thrilled for them. I'm a pretty good cheerleader, and I have them text me every day how they are doing. Keeps them supported and me motivated by them.

I'm going to blog more - it's important to remember how this went for me - and so far so good. I LOVE this hcg gig!

Monday, September 14, 2009

i've been terrible...

at keeping up with this blog! However, I have been successful with round 3 ... and am 2 lbs away from my very 1st goal that I set for myself.

I took some pics of myself today - I hope I can get them to upload. I wanted them to be front, side, back but of course they are all messed up. But here I am. :)

These pics are me at 152. I have 3 weeks left so I'm thinking I may dip into the low 140s before it's all over. That would be great, but again, 150 was my goal so anything over that is just bonus.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

skeptical but ok

So this morning I get on the scale and it says 149.4. Yesterday I was 156.8 so I find this hard to believe, I mean wouldn't I feel 7.4 lbs gone?

So I got on the scale again and it said 152.8 - 3x in a row. I'm not sure what is going on and will see what the scale says tomorrow morning to see if todays weigh in was crazy or what. So - it's saying I lost 4 lbs overnight.

I've never had a loss like this in week 2 so I'm skeptical. However, looks good on my calendar (where I keep track daily)! LOL

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

VLCD day 9 R3 P2

The scale gods were good to me this morning, if even a little.
I weighed in at 156.8 - which is 8.8 lbs lighter than I was 9 days ago. I'll take it.

I was actually hungry yesterday for the 1st time on this protocol, in this round. I had no energy last week (first week) and do feel better in that aspect.

Thinking I might do a 4 week run this time, although I just ordered more HCG from ADC yesterday to do 6. I guess we'll see where I end up at the end of 4 weeks.

til tomorrow!