Wednesday, April 7, 2010

P3 Day 3

Yesterday (Day 2) I weighed in at 148. YIKES. The night before (day 1) I had a piece of quiche, and a huge chicken salad.

So after eating healthy healthy and then this - I'm not surprised. I drank a ton of water all day and didn't eat unless I was hungry.

This morning (day 3) I had lost a lb, so now at 147, which is only +1 LIW and I can deal with it. :) I had strawberries for breakfast, a 1/4 cup of almonds for mid morning snack, and then for lunch I had a burger w/ swiss cheese, a piece of bacon, sauteed onions & mushrooms. delicious. I also had celery & a wedge of laughing cow cheese, and I was full. ALmonds after school for a snack and for dinner I'm craving tuna and mayo and probably some brocolli. I've been wanting sugar free pudding so I'm going to get some tonight.

This time around I feel better, because I found a bunch of recipes online and made a binder for myself. I don't feel out of control, with no idea what to eat.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Starting P3

This evening was my 72 hours since my last dose of HCG and I was SO ready for a grilled chicken salad. Kids got a pizza & I got my much wanted salad. About a 1/2 hour after I ate it, my body was not happy. :P

P3 here we go!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

i'm still alive!

:) It's been since OCTOBER!

Well what has happened in this time - I started a nursing program that literally takes all my time. I'm still doing well and just completed another round of HcG.

Over the holidays I gained about 10 lbs back, and started a new round in January and just ended it today. LONG round!

Todays LIW weight is 146. I hit this goal, that's where I wanted to end up. Wasn't such a 'good' round, as I had a couple cheats that I had to recover from.

Next goal: 125 by August. And I know I can do it. :) Here I am at 145: size 8.