Sunday, October 18, 2009

alternative day ..

So I woke up w/ the intention of doing high protien today ... had an omelete and cheese for breakfast. Decided at lunch time that I was going to have another omelete w/ cheese...after finding this ebook I had purchased last time I did the hCG...there is such a thing as an egg day. You eat between 8-12 eggs in a day. Cheese is allowed, mayo and relish in small amounts - in case you wanted to eat deviled eggs.

Sure. I can do this to see what happens. No veggies and no fruits and no meat. Different for sure - and I had forgotten about these alternative days to correct a gain. I had done a steak day yesterday and am 2 lbs heavier than my LIW - where I'm allowed to be. But I'd like to be closer to the LIW so I don't worry about going over again.

I'll let you know how the 'egg day' works out!


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  1. I have also heard about 'shake' days instead of steak days, where you have multiple protein shakes (egg white protein powder) throughout the day, and you can use heavy cream and berries in them to make smoothies. I don't think this is sanctioned by Dr. Simmeon himself, but I have heard that it works for others, and I have done a couple myself. Best of luck!